The Mutiny

Why are your bridesmaids trying to convince you that they need short dresses? Why does your mother think geometric accents are inappropriate? This is your day, right? Why all the drama?

The Crash

If you see another piece of gold-embossed stationery or wedding hair tutorial you’re going to scream! Besides, the wedding is months away. You have tons of time to get everything done. You need a break from all the tedious details.

Hitting The Panic Button

OMG, the wedding is happening soon! Panic becomes your constant companion and you collect bags under eyes from sleepless nights stressing. There’s not enough time to pack all the favor goodies! Who’s going to hand-stamp the cocktail napkins with your wedding logo?! HELP!

Don’t fret. No matter where you are in the Wedding Wheel right now, these wedding planning tips from us at Claudia Tauro Events will keep you from becoming overwhelmed-- and allow you to enjoy the process!

Secret #1

Set the Tone for Your Wedding with Invitations That Highlight Your Personality As A Couple

Want a chic, custom feel to your wedding? It starts with your invites. Set the tone with your wedding logo, font and stationery, then follow through with your design elements to communicate your style and taste.

Having an outdoor wedding? A formal evening celebration? Let your guests know exactly what to expect so they’re fully prepared to share in your romantic day.

Secret #2

And Don’t Veer Away From The Tone You’ve Set

When your wedding elements are cohesive, people don’t notice why your wedding was great because it flowed seamlessly. It looked fresh, stylish and fabulous. But when you do something that’s out of step with the tone you’ve set, (and what your guests were expecting) your wedding will feel “off.”

Make sure you’re always returning to your vision so the execution of your dream wedding inspires guests to walk away saying, ‘Oh my gosh, that was amazing.’”

Secret #3

Surround Yourself with Awesome Vendors

When your wedding elements are cohesive, people don’t notice why your wedding was great because it flowed seamlessly. It looked fresh, stylish and fabulous. But when you do something that’s out of step with the tone you’ve set, (and what your guests were expecting) your wedding will feel “off.”

Make sure you’re always returning to your vision so the execution of your dream wedding inspires guests to walk away saying, ‘Oh my gosh, that was amazing.’”

Secret #4

Set A Budget (and Stick To It!)

Assemble a team that you’ll trust and feel supremely confident about. They’re the pros that can easily handle any challenge that comes their way. While wedding planning is about “The Plan,” the day must also be allowed to unfold and flow-- it’s a balance that’s difficult to achieve unless you really know what you’re doing. If you have the right team, usually, there are fires being put out on your behalf that you don’t even know are brewing.
From the power going out on your photo booth to the buffet warmers not working, weddings have countless moving parts that can (and often do) go wrong. With a skilled team on your side, you won’t even know what happened.

Secret #5

Go Outside For An Original Affair

Out-of-the-ordinary locations can be undiscovered jewels. Just remember some of the hidden planning that can be involved. For example, with an outdoor venue, what happens if it rains? Is there power available? What are the noise restrictions?

As outdoor event and wedding specialists, we offer Boston’s finest open-air celebrations. From giant marquis lined with fairy lights to bohemian tents with fluffy Turkish rugs, every detail is handled so your day outdoors is perfect.

Secret #6

A Wedding Planner is Probably Worth Your Time (And Money)

The average wedding takes approximately 400 hours to plan, design and execute. If you’re going to do it yourself, that’s 10 weeks of full-time work. Most couples don’t have an extra 10 work-weeks to devote to the wedding planning process, so, if you want to enjoy your engagement, spend time with your fiancé and plan a flawless wedding, hiring a wedding planner is the best investment you can make.

From sourcing and managing vendors to design, orchestration and execution, you’ll have an experienced professional personally dedicated to making the most important day of your life perfect.

Secret #7

You Can Never Be Too Prepared

When it comes to weddings, anything (and sometimes everything) can go wrong. Be prepared!
Carry a little survival bag that you’ll need for your day. Add these often forgotten items for a quick-fix:

  • Fashion tape
  • A needle and thread
  • Deodorant
  • Eyelash Glue and a Spare Lipstick
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby pins of all colors and hairspray
  • A pen and paper
  • An extra phone charger and USB cable
  • Flip flops
  • Extra cash and checks -- just in case

Secret # 8:

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Just like any other bill, your vendor contracts will have dates for the remaining amounts due. Add them to your calendar with notification reminders and mail (or e-transfer) your payments a couple of days early.

Many contracts become void if payment is not received on time. You signed the contract, so it’s your responsibility to ensure they receive it in a timely manner.

Or, if you’re working with a full-service wedding planner like we offer here , we’ll ensure that all your contracts are handled so you don’t have stress.

Secret #9

Pick The Trends That Count

Bright coral and lemon yellow centerpieces? Wedding pantsuits? If you want to be a trendsetter who still loves their wedding when you see the photos, keep your wedding fresh with trends that allow you to infuse your personality into your day (without veering into flash-in-the-pan looks). The best way to do that? With food!

A new trend, and one of my favorites is the late-night buffet. Most of the older folks will leave after the cake, but your friends and younger guests will be starving after hitting the dance floor. Instead of having to hit the drive-thru on the way home from the reception, why not surprise them with some comfort food?

Try chimichangas and tacos or sliders and onion rings, or deep-dish pizza and fries. Or, choose some delicious treats from your cultural backgrounds or even your first date!

Save Money, Time (And Stress)
With A Professional Wedding Planner

If you’re still on-the-fence, let’s take a closer look at the job of a wedding planner (and why you’ll save money, time and stress as the wedding gets close).

At Claudia Tauro Events, we start with a free consultation so we know everything about you– your style, taste, and personalities so we can uniquely customize your day. We want to hear about your ideas, dreams and wishes. This gives us a clear understanding of what you want from start-to-finish and gives us the knowledge to execute it.

Then, we discuss the wedding venues and/or outdoor locations that fit your idea of a perfect wedding– whether that’s a beach, a chic restaurant in Cambridge or an urban loft. Everything is designed around you, your ideas, preferences and budget.

And if you want a gorgeous outdoor wedding (which is one of our specialties), we’ll take care of the details you’ll likely forget, like generators, marquis set-up and decor that’s made for the open-air. Once you’ve chosen your venue, we contact Boston’s top vendors (we have relationships with the area’s best suppliers) to service your wedding.

One aspect that day-of coordinators can’t offer is guaranteeing that the vendors you’ve chosen will:

1) show up (or show up to the right venue)

2) arrive on time (cross your fingers!)

3) perform to the highest standard

If your celebrant is double-booked and cancels right before your wedding, your day-of coordinator won’t have a backup to officiate your vows! Then what?!

With a limited number of couples every year as clients, we help them find the best vendors and do the negotiations. Without a wedding professional, many vendors will take advantage of you not knowing what prices are fair for their services. That’s when they hike up their costs.

An experienced wedding planner knows what prices are fair and we’ll demand them on your behalf. Plus, we’ll stretch your budget so you get the most bang for your buck. That’s why, with a wedding planner, you’ll get top-notch service, no matter how much money you’ve put aside for your wedding!

We also stay in contact with your vendors, take care of deposits, and update suppliers about any changes along the way so everyone is prepped to perform at their best when the day arrives. We’re ready to bring your dream wedding to life!

We also specialize in creating seamless timelines so everything runs to plan. Every minute is accounted for so the wedding party, venues, and vendors know where to be, when to be there, and what to do. That’s how flawless weddings happen. Plus, we create multiple backup plans so nothing goes wrong. If something weird does happen, I’ll be prepared so you won’t notice!

Still Stuck On A Day-Of Coordinator?

Remember-- hiring a day-of coordinator is like gambling in Las Vegas. This is the most important day of your life. Do you want someone you don’t know to pop up and take charge? It’s a high-stakes game of Russian Roulette!

Think hard before you hand over your hard-earned money on day-of-wedding coordination. If you just need a little help, see if a family member will do it. They’ll have a better idea of what you want and the flow of the wedding than a stranger.

However, if you’ve been dreaming of your wedding your whole life and you want it to be flawless-- you need an experienced wedding planner on your side. You’ll lower your stress, save money and actually enjoy being the honored guest. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should have a blast!

You don’t want to look back on your special day thinking, “That was terrible. I wish I had just spent a little more. ” You don’t want to cringe when you see photos of your day. You deserve a day that’s all about you and your unique love story.

So if you want a wedding that’s extraordinary, schedule a FREE wedding consultation with us here. We’ll create a stylish, chic and absolutely perfect wedding dripping in magic and romance. You won’t have to worry about a thing.